Our Goldfit classes include a combination of high-intensity training, weight training, and stability training, all in one. We recommend this class for people who are looking to take their workouts to the next level and add a challenging dynamic to their regular routines. The Goldfit class are designed with a competitive nature, in that the participants will essentially be working to achieve the best score for that workout. These workouts will be posted on our website, daily, and the athletes will be able to log their scores through the website as well. This will give the athletes a simple way to track progress. With tracking those things, the athletes can look up previous scores, if a workout is repeated, and previous weights, which comes into play when workouts require a percentage of a lift. The workout tracking would also be helpful for friendly competition between other athletes within the same group workout in Channahon.


Within Isolation Training, or IsoTrain, our athletes will focus more on specific muscle training. In comparison to the Goldfit class, the IsoTrain is a great way to target specific areas, and to do so in a slow and controlled manner. IsoTrain is excellent for toning and gaining muscle, but doesn’t tend to incorporate a lot of cardio. We recommend this class for any level and even our members that are training in Goldfit classes will also use IsoTrain as a cross-training class. Typically the members who do this option will utilize our Goldfit class about 3 days a week, and try to hit the IsoTrain class on at least 2 other days. Both classes are included in an unlimited membership.


Our kids camp has had huge success and our kids come to us regularly to ask about our sessions. These classes usually run as a 6-week program. Our kids camp will run with two separate age groups and both have different goals, depending on the age. The younger kids, ages 5-8 years old, typically run through an introduction to fitness and we use games, and body-weight movements, as well as agility training and LOTS of fun to keep them focused and interested! The older kids, ages 9-12 years old, after passing a body assessment test, are moved into the next level of training where we start to introduce some weight training. They are challenged each day by learning different movements and then reinforcing what they are taught by incorporating them into their workouts. The older group is also tested through different agility and speed training throughout the program. Within both age groups we work to teach the kids about healthy choices and about teamwork. We feel that our program should not only focus around being fit and active, but to generally do the right thing in all of the daily choices to be the best person that they can be!


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